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MTYT: Soles' and the pension legislation

RC Soles RC Soles
Rex Gore Rex Gore

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Career politicians have a tendency to irritate me.  I find it interesting how they lose touch with their constituency and sometimes reality.  But I get downright angry when they try to use the public's trust and money to take care of themselves or their friends.  

I don't think it was lost on anyone what outgoing State Senator R.C. Soles was doing last week. He introduced two bills that were clearly meant to help out his good friend District Attorney Rex Gore. Mind you the voters already decided it was time for Mr. Gore to move on.  So it appears Mr. Soles took the matter into his own hands.

[Soles says Gore deserves pension]

He wrote one bill that would allow Gore to receive a full state pension - even though he doesn't qualify.  And a second he introduced could pave the way for the Governor to potentially nominate Mr. Gore to the very same position the voters just denied him. 

[Gore asks Soles to change pension legislation]

When I first heard about these bills my reaction was you've got to be kidding, but sadly it's true.  If there is any good news here it's Mr. Soles' days in power are about to come to end -- unless, of course, he has some other friend in a position of power who owes him a favor. 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I totally agree with you, I cannot believe Senator Soles even considered these bills (but if you will look at his/their (RC & Rex) past-I can believe it too), from what I understand he has withdrawn these two bills, could you check and let the public know.  I am glad he is on his way out, we have too many of him in politics already.  He will probably be a lobbyist after the Senate.  They both (Senator Soles and Rex Gore) need to get a real job-on their own!!!


Rex Gore was elected under specific pension eligibility rules that  were fine until he wanted to fatten his wallet with more taxpayer money.  Gore and Soles wrote a revision to favor Gore.  Soles denied that it was specifically to favor his buddy, but the scheme, like Soles, was outted and met   with public outcry, Gore contacted democratic reps to keep it quiet, let it slide thru without public input or knowledge.  But the matter was too hot to hide.  We found out. So Gore "voluntarily" requested that Soles revise the scheme to exclude Gore.  Did Gore think this would make him a hero.  He was the engineer of the whole thing.  This man was found unethical by the bar in the 90's (kept from the public. but I have copies of the bar's determination).  He trained an ada to become a another jurisdiction.  That man, once in that office, was immediately found unethical by the bar.  At least on the surface, here is a lot of dirt hidding in the corners of the d.a.'s office.  Both Pope and David should pledge to the public that, unpon election, they will sweep the office clean with new personnel and fresh ideas to benefit the public, not the office. Both being the honorable men that they are, will, I'm sure, agree to this without my prodding.  Gore campaigned against Butch Pope, complaining that Pope was a defense atty.  Now Gore wants to be a public defender. Or continue in government.   He campaigned for victim's rights, yet the line of victims that he refused to speak to is long.  This man is so two-faced he must drop his pants to see  the sun. His ethics seem to be poor at best.  Rex Gore should never ever see another dime of taxpayer money.  If he doesn't resign, the democratic party should show him the door... or suffer  political consequences .  Gore's past has caught up with him. Perhaps his future is there for us all to see.  "Soles & Gore" , Attorneys at Law, a Limited Partnership."  For short, call it ColCor 2. 


do the people of bladen co. have on blinders? do they not realize this is the year 2010? or do they not care? Iam sure that for decades they have had questions about "senator Soles", and Rex Gore. Things that have happen and, have been swept under the rug. Well it's about time they wake up and, smell the coffeeand, come out of the "Dark Ages". FEAR NOT PEOPLE,there is nothing hidden that will not be reveled at some point and, time in life.


Gary, I concur with your thoughts completely. This is just proof that Mr Soles has been there too long! As far as I know Mr. Gore did his job for his district, but he does not meet the pension criteria, end of story. If Senator Soles really wants to help our State, ask him to introduce a Bill that has term limits for Senators and Representatives.

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