Gay T-shirts

Hundreds of Duke University students want to let others know that it's okay to be gay.

In the past two weeks, hundreds of students have been seen wearing T-shirts that say, "Gay? Fine by me."

Duke President Nan Keohane has one. Duke basketball players Nick Horvath and Shavlik Randolph have been seen wearing the shirts.

The trend was started by a group of friends, gay and straight, who decided something had to be done about the perception that Duke is a homophobic place. A few years ago, the Princeton Review rated Duke as the most gay-unfriendly campus in the United States.

So the students thought up a slogan, ordered 500 T-shirts and planned to give them away to as many people as would take them. The shirts were gone by noon the first day, and in ten days, 18-hundred shirts were handed out.

The group is contacting colleges across the state for similar T-shirt giveaways in the fall.

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