Out of Season Tropical Cyclones

After the unusually early start to the 2003 hurricane season with Tropical Storm Ana in April (and with two storms in December), I compiled a list of out of season tropical cyclones (ones in which their entire lifespan fell outside of the June 1-Nov. 30 season) from http://weather.unisys.com/hurricane/atlantic/index.html. Records go back to 1851.

Tropical Storm 1--May 17-21, 1887: developed at the western tip of Jamaica, crossed Cuba and the Bahamas and headed away

Hurricane 16--Dec. 4-10, 1887: open waters

Tropical Storm 17--Dec. 7-12, 1887: developed near Barbados, passed along the Colombia/Venezuela coast, and made landfall in Costa Rica

Hurricane 1--May 16-22, 1889: a cat. 2 that followed the curve of the coast (FL-NC) about 300 miles offshore

Hurricane 1--Mar. 6-9, 1908: developed in eastern Caribbean and crossed northern Lesser Antilles

Tropical Storm 1--May 5-11, 1932: developed southwestern Caribbean, crossed Dominican Republic, approached Bermuda, then hooked back towards NC before dissipating

Tropical Storm 1--May 14-19, 1933: developed in southwestern Caribbean, curved around the Yucatan Peninsula and made landfall off of Bay of Campeche

Tropical Storm 1--May 27-31, 1934: developed between Havana & Key West, crossed FL (in near Ft. Myers, out near Palm Beach) and final landfall near Hilton Head Island, SC

Tropical Storm 1--May 19-27, 1940: developed near Turk & Caicos Islands, headed north and died out off the coast of Nova Scotia

Tropical Storm 1--May 22-28, 1948: developed just southwest of Haiti, crossed Haiti and headed towards Cape Cod before dissipating

Hurricane Able--May 15-24, 1951: cat. 3 hurricane developed 300 mi. S of Bermuda, did a loop near the northern Bahamas, brushed the Outer Banks before heading out to sea

Tropical Storm 1--Feb. 2-5, 1952: developed near Guatamala/Mexico border, crossed south FL, brushed Outer Banks, with landfalls at Cape Cod and eastern Maine

Tropical Storm 14--Dec. 7-9, 1953: open ocean, died out north of Lesser Antilles

Hurricane Alice--Dec. 30, 1954-Jan. 6, 1955: cat. 1 hurricane developed in the open ocean near Lesser Antilles, crossed northern islands into eastern Caribbean before dissipating (second "Alice" of the year; first one was also a cat. 1, but at the end of June)

Hurricane Alma--May 17-27, 1970: developed in southwestern Caribbean, moved toward Cayman Islands as a cat. 1, made a turn west, then crossed western Cuba with a final landfall in the Big Bend of FL

Subtropical Storm Alpha--May 23-29, 1972: developed near the Big Bend of FL and made landfall there before emerging near Brunswick, GA; headed north and east to just off the Outer Banks before re-tracing its steps before dissipating

Subtropical Storm 2--Dec. 9-13, 1975: open ocean

Subtropical Storm 1--May 21-25, 1976: developed and meandered in the Gulf of Mexico, made landfall in Big Bend of FL, emerged between Brunswick & Savannah, GA, before heading out to sea

Subtropical Storm 1--Jan. 18-23, 1978: open ocean, dissipated northeast of Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Arlene--May 6-9, 1981: developed in western Caribbean, crossed eastern Cuba & the Bahamas then dissipated

Hurricane Lili--Dec. 12-24, 1984: developed over Dominican Republic, headed out to sea and made a loop before dissipating near Bermuda

Subtropical Storm 1--Apr. 21-24, 1992: open ocean

Tropical Storm Ana--Apr. 20-23, 2003: developed near Bermuda before heading out to sea

Tropical Storm Odette--Dec. 4-7, 2003:  developed in the central Caribbean, crossed the Dominican Republic and then headed out to sea

Tropical Storm Peter--Dec. 9-11, 2003:  developed in the eastern Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands

Tropical Storm Zeta--Dec. 30, 2005-Jan. 6, 2006:  developed in the central Atlantic and moved eastward, dying out near the Canary Islands

Of the years that these out of oddities happened, here's how the season shaped up:

(year:  named storms/hurricanes/major (cat. 3 & higher) hurricanes)

1887: 17/10/2

1889: 9/5/0

1908: 8/5/1

1932: 11/6/4

1933: 21/10/5

1934: 11/6/0

1940: 8/4/0

1948: 9/6/4

1951: 10/8/5

1954: 11/8/2

1970: 10/5/2

1972: 4/3/0 (with 3 Subtropical Storms (STS) not counted)

1975: 8/6/3 (plus 1 STS not counted)

1976: 8/6/2 (plus 2 STS's not counted)

1978: 11/5/2 (plus 1 STS not counted)

1981: 11/7/3 (plus 1 STS)

1984: 12/5/1 (plus 1 STS)

1992: 6/4/1 (plus 1 STS)

2003: 16/7/3

2005:  27/15/7

By Meteorologist Mark Avery