Cellist search

The husband of a Durham cellist missing since January says he had nothing to do with his wife's disappearance.

Robert James Petrick told The Herald-Sun of Durham on Tuesday that he has no idea what happened to Janine Sutphen. She has been missing since she failed to return home after going to a Durham Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.

Petrick told the newspaper he doesn't know what happened and he doesn't have any more of an idea than anyone else. He also says he doesn't believe his wife simply ran off.

Petrick reported Sutphen missing on January 22nd. Her car was found in a downtown parking garage across from where she rehearsed, and her cello and keys were still in the car.

Petrick was arrested on January 27th and accused of manufacturing three false checks on a home computer and trying to cash them at a credit union in Research Triangle Park.

Five new felony fraud charges were filed Tuesday.

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