Sheriff Ingram clinches positions, earns standing ovation

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The crowd was on its feet at Brunswick County Republican Headquarters Tuesday night as the head of the Republican Party called the sheriff race in favor of Jon Ingram.

Poll results weren't official when they announced Ingram had won, but the Republican Party had people stationed at the polls checking numbers and calling headquarters independently of the Board of Election.  With a little math, they determined the race would pull out in his favor.

The crowd cheered as Ingram took to the podium to give a victory speech.  The sheriff took time to thank everyone for their support, especially Chief Deputy Charlie Miller who was with him every step of the way.  Miller admitted Ingram had been driving him crazy the last few days with preparations for the primary elections, but all was forgiven with a hug.

"We fight like brothers, we make up like brothers," said Ingram.

Despite winning Tuesday night, Ingram was calm and reserved, but look relieved as he spoke to the room.  He explained to the crowd that it's not over yet and that he still has to work to win the election in November.  He said he will continue working to "stop anyone who wishes to turn Brunswick County into a market place for illegal activity."

Ingram didn't plan a victory party Tuesday night because he said he didn't want to be that arrogant, but said he will plan a celebration in the future and hopes that everyone will be able to attend.

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