The price of a seat on the NHC School Board

Posted by Scott Saxton - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - None of the candidates for the four open seats on the New Hanover County School Board have spent more than $3500 in their respective campaigns thus far, according to reports filed this week with the Board of Elections.  In fact, two candidates have yet to even take a donation in this year's campaign.

The deadline for first quarter campaign finance reports passed Monday.

Incumbent Nick Rhodes (D) hasn't collected any contributions for his campaign and has only spent $34.  In contrast, Laura Parks (R), has raised $5205 and spent $3470.93, which is the highest of any candidate on either side of the ticket.

The candidate with the most cash on hand with a week to go is Stephanie Kraybill (R), who has $1334.89 in her coffers, according to reports.  On the other end of that spectrum is Derrick Hickey (R), who has a negative balance of more than $1300, according to his report filed with the Board of Elections.  The Board of Elections office points out that a negative balance is technically impossible, so it looks like Hickey's report is missing contributions to the campaign from his own account.

The following is a list of what each candidate has spent in pursuit of a seat on the New Hanover County Board of Education:

Laura Parks (R) $3470.93
Stephanie Kraybill (R) $2290.98
Julia Davis (R) $1508.63
Steve Bilzi (R) $1359
Derrick Hickey (R) $1306
Ed Higgins (R) $1191.97
Philip Stine (D)  $330.05
Don Hayes (R)  $127.82
Janice Cavenaugh (R) $123.25
Nick Rhodes (D)  $34

Democrat Joyce Hugelet did not meet the minimum monetary threshold which would make her file a report.  Democrat Clancy Thompson's report arrived Wednesday, two days after the deadline.

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