Small town burglaries

Exum, a rural farming community in the western part of Brunswick County. A place seemingly safe. "We don't have a lot of crime in the area. This is a place where a lot of farmers live, and it just doesn't happen here." But in the last month Lieutenant Donnell Marlow says residents are locking their doors and keeping an eye out for their neighbors.

There have been many burglaries in the small community. The incidents are similar. It happens when most people are at work. The thief drives a car to the back of a house and breaks in the back door. Stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, guns, and electronics.

Because of Exum's location, the thieves may live across the border in Columbus County and think they can get away with the crime. But the flip side of life in a small town...someone is always watching.

Reported By: Brandi Davis