Crow touts a positive vote in Congress

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Businessman Randy Crow says he's going to be a positive vote should he get elected to Congress this year out of a crowded field of Republican contenders.

Crow is one of three candidates on the GOP ticket for Congress in North Carolina's 7th District.  The winner among Crow, Ilario Pantano and Will Breazeale will face incumbent Congressman Mike McIntyre in the fall.

"We do have some giant problems as you know," Randy Crow said on a recent appearance on WECT News at 5:30.  "We have the economic meltdown which is horrible.  No, I'm not going to be a no vote."

Crow says the key to getting the economy back on track is to audit the Federal Reserve.

"I think that our biggest expenditure is our war expenditure," Crow said.  "I am against any expenditures for military unless it is a declared war."

Crow also spoke about the proposed international port for the Southport area.  He says you can't dredge any deeper in to the river because we could bust in to the rock bed.

Crow took questions from viewers and said he wanted to research some more specifically before commenting, like stipends for those in rest homes and reimbursement for caregivers under Medicare.

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