My Turn, Your Turn: Buzz Peterson at UNCW

By Gary McNair - bio|email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - We're blessed in North Carolina to have two great modern day examples of longevity in sports -- Dean Smith and Mike Krzyzewski prove there is loyalty.

But they're the exception, not the rule.

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld likes to joke that with so much movement in sports these days, we're really just rooting for our favorite jerseys.  The sad fact is the days are pretty much over when an athlete will stay an entire career with one team.

The same can be said of coaches.  So, Appalachian State fans shouldn't have been surprised when UNCW grabbed their coach to lead the Seahawks.  Buzz Peterson basically doubled his salary to a real nice chunk of change – he'll make a minimum of $435,000 next season.

He was quoted in the Winston-Salem Journal as saying, "Who can blame me?"  And I don't.  Coaches are hired to be fired and Coach Buzz needs to grab the golden ring while he can.

And you know what – he probably won't be here long.  He'll find a higher paying job.

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Comments emailed by viewers:

I am shocked at the outrageous amount of money being paid to the new basketball coach at UNCW according to the news reports . There isn't a college basketball coach in the U.S.A. that is worth that kind of money and my problem is how can they justify this hugh amount of money for such an occasion. If the money is being used from the student tuition I would complain to the high heaven to have my money spent for that reason. That's my opinion.


As a high school teacher I am absolutely sick to my stomach about the salary that UNCW is offering their basketball coach. It feels like a slap in the face.

I currently am mentoring a UNCW intern in my classroom as are many others at our school. UNCW informed us there is no money to compensate for our time. We agreed and continued participating in their program.

They reduced interaction between the university supervisors and interns, citing travel costs.

The university also told our interns that although they were expected to serve as substitutes if their mentor is ill, they will not be compensated. They agreed.

All involved figured these things were necessary. Now I hear about this coaching situation.

An institution will always find time for its priority. It is very clear what this is for UNCW. It certainly is not education, but rather image and entertainment. How can I recommend this university as an academic choice to graduating Seniors?

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