Barstow Bye-bye

You may remember about a year ago I was tooling up I-40 one day, and, as usual, glanced at the large sign advising motorists that, if they stay on I-40, in just 2,554 miles they'll come to the other end of the highway smack in the middle of the Mojave Desert where it runs into I-15 at a place called Barstow, California. It struck me to wonder if there were a similar sign on their end saying " Wilmington , N.C. 2,554 miles" where the road heads east?

So, when I got back to the station I called several places in Barstow —like the police station—before I found the right place, the California Transportation Department, which they abbreviate to "Caltrans." And they allowed as how they used to have such a sign, but they had to take it down to widen the road, and when they went to put it back, nobody could find it—probably stolen.

To make a long story short, I stayed on Barstow 's case about our sign that they had lost, until finally a nice lady at Caltrans promised me they would have another sign made to replace the one they couldn't find, but that it would take several months for that to happen. Well, I've waited several months, so I called and another nice lady at Caltrans assured me the sign was in place.  I asked her if she could take a picture of the sign, and e-mail it to me. It was in my computer the next day. Now, that's what I call service! Rest easy—"our" sign is back.