Specialist Eric W. Smith

Specialist Eric W. Smith, 25 years old, has been serving in the United States Army for nearly four years. He is my only child. He was scheduled for discharge in September of this year. Eric has one daughter, Aniyah, who is two-years old, and misses her daddy tremendously. He also, is expecting the birth of his second daughter on June 2nd of this year. Unfortuatenly, like many others, he will not be here for her birth.

Eric is from Wilmington, North Carolina. He was deployed to Kuwait in January and was recently sent to Iraq. I am very proud of my son, and we (family and friends) love him and miss him, and are praying for his safe return. Our hearts and prayers are with all the troops and their families and looking forward to their safe return home, also. He is definitely MY HERO!!!

Carolyn E. Smith, Mother