Looking back on the Honor Flight

By Gary McNair - bio|email

I love it when a good plan comes together, and that happened this week with the area's first Honor Flight.  I knew it would be special for the World War II Vets.  I just didn't know how special.

The Cape Fear region supported the Honor Flight with cash donations and then went to the airport to welcome them back home.

It was wonderful.  I knew friends and family would show up, but when these brave men and women got off the plane they were greeted by hundreds of people who packed the airport like it was a sports arena. The crowd was cheering, waving flags, holding signs and banners, and singing patriotic songs. You would have thought we won the war all over again.

This was the payoff for all those who worked so hard and gave of their time and money to make this wonderful experience possible.  This same group is planning two more trips this year.  They'll need our help.  There's no question how special these missions are or how much they are appreciated by these deserving souls.

They were there for us nearly seventy years ago.  We should be more than willing to honor them now by continuing to support the Honor Fight program.

For more information about the program or to make a donation for future flights, visit www.honorflightsenc.org or call (910) 874-VETS (8387).

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I was on the flight and it was one of the best laid out plans that worked smoothly I have ever experienced. Nothing was left to chance and the folks that put this together should be very proud.

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