Breazeale calls for control over immigrants, lobbyists

Source: Will Breazeale
Source: Will Breazeale

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Will Breazeale, one of three Republican candidates for the 7th Congressional District in North Carolina, says spending and lobbyist influence are out of control in Washington D.C.

"We are in a serious budget crisis. Truly no drunken sailor ever spent money faster than a sober Congressman. They've proven that," Will Breazeale said.

Breazeale appeared live on WECT News at 5:30 Tuesday to discuss his platform.

"We add more to our national budget debt than the whole budget of the state of North Carolina every week," Breazeale said.

Breazeale says the federal government needs to look at privatizing certain services, including the veterans administration for health care.

Breazeale says change will come to Washington D.C. when new people are voted in.  He promises to stay only three two-year terms and he even posted his house as bond in case he backs out of a three term pledge.

"If incumbents get defeated, your Congress starts listening to you," Breazeale said.

In terms of the issues, Breazeale calls for a strengthened federal government policy against illegal immigrants.

"A border with a fence without eyes on it with soldiers on the ground is an unguarded border," Breazeale said.  "Illegal immigrants are helping to destroy this country."

Breazeale says lobbyist influence is one of the biggest threats to government.

"I'm talking first name basis. I'm talking heavily influential," Breazeale said.

Breazeale says military pay is not bad, but he thinks the federal government needs to keep its promise of health care to veterans.

Breazeale faces Ilario Pantano and Randy Crow in the Republican primary, with the hope of running against Congressman McIntyre in the fall.

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