Are you 'tealin' it?'

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Are you Tealin' it?  That's the catchy little marketing slogan being used for UNC Wilmington athletics these days.  I don't think many Seahawk fans are "tealin' it" right now.  They now own the embarrassing distinction of being the NCAA Division One program with the longest amount of time without a head basketball coach.

Because of this lengthy search for a new head coach, and because of the many hiccups along the way, I'm thinking they might be feeling some other shades of the spectrum.

Like red – because they are embarrassed that UNCW is being made fun of in conversations and on message boards by most anyone familiar with the search.

Or blue – because they are so depressed thinking about what the lack of a head coach and staff has done to the future of the program.

Or maybe green – because they are envious of the schools, like Hofstra and Marshall, who hired their head coaches in less than two weeks.

Or maybe they're feeling yellow – because they are scared this is not going to have a happy ending.

UNCW is a great university, and Wilmington is a wonderful place to live.  Those two attributes alone make a turnaround possible, but something good needs to happen quickly and I'm just not "tealin' it" right now.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

In reference to your broadcast and news piece on WECT entitled "Are you Tealin it" I wanted to send a quick note of disappointment to let you know I think you are missing the mark.  While I understand the cute play on words, the reality is that anyone is not tealin it really need to step back and reexamine their motivations.

Gary, regardless of how well or how poor our athletic teams perform, what should matter most is supporting the student athletes at the core of everything.  We are often so hasty in our frustrations that we fail to realize what should really make us want to be "tealin it"…and that's the student athletes who put their heart and soul into every game and represent UNCW across the country.

Fair weather fans can go move to Raleigh for all care…but I will always be tealin' it whether we win, whether we lose, and whether we have a coach or not.  Regardless of circumstances it does no one any good to turn their back on the student athletes or our Seahawk teams in their time of need and it certainly doesn't help anyone to give up supporting Teal.  So as for me…I'll be tealin it till the day I die.


Perhaps the problem with finding a new head basketball coach is more about the athletic department than the coaching position. Are there bigger changes that have to be made first?


I think that UNCW needs to look around at their opportunities within the Wilmington area. They have a great head coach at CFCC with D1 playing experience, even experience in the NCAA National Tourney, and an awesome record for CFCC. He's young and can relate to the guys trying to succeed in basketball. Who says older is better and wiser? We see that hasn't obviously worked yet. 'Teal' out your options UNCW!

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