Rendy Lewis says BWK Sheriff's Dept. is unresponsive

Source: Rendy Lewis
Source: Rendy Lewis

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Elizabeth "Rendy" Lewis says the next sheriff of Brunswick County needs to be for all the people of the county.

Rendy Lewis appeared live on WECT News at 5:30 Wednesday to answer viewer questions.  She is one of two Democratic candidates for the office.  Lewis says she's hearing on the campaign trail that the current sheriff John Ingram is not responsive.

"That's what the people are telling me on the street," Rendy Lewis said.  "The people of Brunswick County really expect that their needs are met and that they feel like something is actually being done about their problems.  John Ingram is a good guy, but it's not being run like it should be run."

Lewis was a deputy in Brunswick County for years, before transitioning to the bench as a magistrate.  She said she's ready to go back on the road as necessary.

"I've done it before," Lewis said.  "I can still do it."

Lewis said drugs will be a top priority for her administration, with efforts to eliminate users and pushers.

"It might give them the one opportunity to think, 'Do I want live like this the rest of my life or do I want to change it'," Lewis said.

Lewis said gang activity and DWI enforcement will also be high on her to do list.

"Brunswick County is growing by leaps and bounds.  We at the sheriff's department have to address what is going on and it's a lot to address. If we have communications between the sheriff's department and the people we can address them," Lewis said.

Rendy Lewis faces Louie Lewis in the May primary.  On the Republican side, John Ingram is running against Tim Daniels.

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