Rabon pushes for flat tax, enforcing environmental laws

Source: Bill Rabon
Source: Bill Rabon

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Dr. Bill Rabon says he plans to open offices in each of the three counties he'd serve if elected to the 8th District Senate Seat in North Carolina.

Rabon is one of the Republicans running for the seat held for the last several years by R.C. Soles.  Soles, a Democrat, is not running for re-election.

Rabon, appearing live on WECT News at 5:30 Thursday, says he believes the three offices would be a first for this district.

"I plan to set up offices or meeting places and meet with the constituents hopefully on a monthly basis, certainly when we're in session and every other month when we're not in session," Dr. Bill Rabon said.

Rabon says the top issues facing the state are the economy, spending and health care.

"The first thing we need to do is to address our taxes in the state.  North Carolina historically is not business friendly, particularly not small business friendly," Dr. Rabon said.  "We're about as bad as it gets."

Rabon says corporate taxes need to be cut and the state should consider a flat tax.

When it comes to environmental issues, Rabon says the state has been lax in enforcement.

"We need to enforce the laws we have," Rabon said.

One viewer asked about getting health insurance for their daughter, who was denied because of a pre-existing condition.

"We all need health care," Rabon said.  "One size fits all is not the answer. It's going to take some hard work, some looking into to find a decent answer for her."

Rabon also said completing the I-40 loop should be a top priority.

"This move should be number one or at least a top priority for the entire region. It's going to be a big expense item. That's one place where we need to spend it," Rabon said.

Rabon faces Bettie Fennell in the Republican primary.

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