Getting to know the candidates - Ilario Pantano (R)

Ilario Pantano
Ilario Pantano

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The Primary Elections are just around the corner, but do you really know the candidates running for office?

Throughout April, WECT will hold a series of interviews with politics who are vying for a seat in office during the 5:30 newscast.

Ilario Pantano, competing for the Republican nomination for the 7th District Congressional seat, will be the first candidate to take the hot seat.

He is a former Marine Corps officer and Sheriff's Deputy from New Hanover County who came into the public eye after admitting to killing two terrorists during his time in the military.

He entered a military court five years ago, where he was eventually cleared of the charges.

In an earlier report, Pantano said he feels his background will act as a function of his experiences as he runs for Congress.

"Anybody's background in a political race is fair game," said Pantano in a previous report.  "My life has been more dramatic and kinetic than any other candidates."

Pantano faces Will Breazeale and Randy Crow for the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by Mike McIntyre.

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