Should dogs be allowed in restaurants?

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Our Facebook site has had a lot of barking back and forth on what appears to be the heated issue of whether dogs should be allowed in restaurants.  The North Carolina legislature is apparently considering allowing dogs in outdoor dining areas.  For a lot of people, pets in the eateries are a big "pet peeve."

Joseph wrote:

You have to question the mentality of people who think it's appropriate to take pets with them to a restaurant.

Kat, also took a stance against the dogs:

Animals DO NOT belong in restaurants. Imagine the smell and all the shedding hairs flying around!

Of course we heard from dog lovers too, like Lisa:

I know a lot of dogs that would behave much better than most of the kids I encounter at restaurants. How about a kid ban?

And Suzzane wrote:

Most dogs simply lie down next to their owners. If you don't like the idea of dining with animals, you should never sit outside at any restaurant because outdoor areas have also been visited by birds, squirrels and rodents.

As for me - I think there are plenty of other pressing issues for the folks in Raleigh to work on, they could be barking up the wrong tree with this one.

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