Curtis Wright press release regarding termination

Here is a statement released by Curtis Wright regarding his termination:

Today, at 10:15 AM, Paul Knight, General Manager of Sea-Comm Inc., terminated my employment with Sea-Comm Inc. No reason was given to me at that very short meeting. Papers were pre-prepared and given to me outlining monies owned to me, and I did not discuss nor refute such calculations and obligations that were acknowledged by the Company. I did not received any communication from Rick Jorgensen, owner of Sea-Comm Inc., nor am I aware of his knowledge of the termination. Per a policy set in place by Paul Knight, no employees are, nor were, to have any contact with Mr. Jorgensen or they would face termination. So, no contact prior to today on the growing stressful and unstable work conditions at the company, and the unpredictable behavior of Mr. Knight, was ever pursued by myself.

In 2006, I became the 'Broker of Record' for the Sea-Comm Inc. 401(k) benefits plan. Shortly after that relationship was consummated, Mr. Knight approached me to develop a weekend show for The Big Talker FM, noting that I should think about ending my 8 year relationship on 980WAAV. I agreed and created and launched Town Hall on The Big Talker FM. Almost immediately after such, Paul Knight informed me that Sea-Comm Inc. was for sale and he would like my help to put together a plan to buy the company. In reviewing the company financial documents shared with me by Mr. Knight, it became clear that there were many financial challenges to overcome, and management and the assets were not performing well. I, however, did assist Mr. Knight in meeting with some contacts to pursue the possibility of a purchase.

In June of 2006, Paul Knight approached me about problems he had with The Morning Line, the morning talk show on The Big Talker FM. Again, Paul asked that I consider putting together a plan to take over the show and drive ratings, increase revenues and increase profits. Over the next 3 1/2 years, The Morning Beat became the #1 Morning Talk Show, competing for the first time at the top of all market ratings. During this time, through a business plan I created, supported by my Producer, Aimee Robbins, and with almost no involvement whatsoever of Paul Knight, many successful community events, remotes, and statewide and national collaborations were developed. The Morning Beat show format was constantly expanded to increase 'inventory' for additional sales opportunities, and many new 'programing' elements were added. In 2007, Carolina Talk, a talk TV show, was launched on WWAYTV3. And, in 2009 was launched as an statewide, internet source for political information and networking. Disappointingly, our only obstacles during this period of tremendous growth was the limited resources of Sea-Comm Inc. Yet, we on The Morning Beat "put our noses to the grindstone" and worked around such to find solutions to increase ratings, revenues and profits. As always in my career, my many close relationships and collaborations I developed served to bring continues success.

And, as of this morning, The Morning Beat is the most successful Talk Radio show in the market - known from Wilmington, to Raleigh, to Washington!

Sadly, with the controversy and unstable working environment caused between myself and Paul Knight with him having campaign personnel working out of my office at Sea-Comm Inc last Fall, the very stressful position he put me and my show in by running for Mayor, and the irradcit moods and management directives in the wake of his soundly being defeated in the Wilmington Mayoral elections, our previously close personal and professional relationship deteriorated. Of course, added to such pressures and stress, was my knowledge that the company was being sold-off in parts, and that an inevitable change in our company ownership was on the horizon and may bring more uncertainty. During the last few months, I made it a habit to avoid Mr. Knight at all costs as to not pout my employment and the show at risk.

As I noted to Mr. Knight at our very brief meeting this morning, "I hope that my success at Sea-Comm Inc has brought he and his sales team lots of money, and I look forward to competing with you (them) in the near future". Looking at the success of the Morning Beat with Curtis Wright, and the tremendous support that Mr. Knight acknowledged in his Press Release, I am certain the next step forward in broadcasting for me and my listeners will be very exciting!