Campaigns heat up between Lee and Goolsby

Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Thom Goolsby
Thom Goolsby

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The gloves are off and the talking heads are on in a campaign parody that's brining some "jib-jab" to the Wilmington area.

Michael Lee is taking aim at Thom Goolsby, as both men contend for the Republican nomination in District 9 of the State Senate.

[Click here to visit Lee's campaign website]

Lee created a three-minute video to show why he thinks Goolsby is trying to fool people into thinking he isn't a politician, when he's spent more than a decade running for various public offices.

He says he created the video in an effort to save money, not to sling mud.

"Really it was meant to be a light-hearted way to get information across," said Lee.  "We really didn't want to run what you'd call a negative add and attack him."

Goolsby disagrees, saying  "the attacks are beneath the dignity of a serious discussion of the issues that the voters deserve, and frankly, are beneath my opponent's dignity."

Regardless of Lee's intent, with the primaries being more than a month away, you can expect to see this campaign start to boil.

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