Home break-ins increase

One hundred and ten houses were broken into in Wilmington last month. Crime analyst Barry Coburn says many of the targeted residences are vacant or at least appear that way. It's happening mainly in the downtown area where there is a high number of vacant homes. Police say the people behind the crimes are many times homeless, looking for a place to sleep or do drugs.

Many of the owners of these houses don't even realize that their property is being used as a crack house. Often times boarded up windows and no trespassing signs are an open invitation. Coburn says if you have a rental home and it's not being rented make sure you keep up the property.

As the homeless problem in our region escalates, police say it's clear that crimes that sometimes come along with the lifestyle will as well. But if the right prevention is put in place early on, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Reported By: Brandi Davis bdavis@wect.com