The End of the Goose Story

Remember that sordid event I told you about in January about the college boys who killed a goose, apparently for the fun of it? Well, the ending has been put on that story. First of all, the boys—freshmen at Davidson College—didn't do any hard time, because they all had clean records. The court ordered that they be given psychological counseling.

It turns out, that vile deed was actually ordered by their fraternity brothers as part of their initiation into Kappa Sigma. One of the older boys went along with them to make sure they carried it out exactly: lure the goose with bread crumbs, beat it to death with a golf club, and bring it back to the frat house.

Well, the story finally made it to the fraternity's headquarters in Dallas , Texas . They responded by banishing the whole chapter, so Kappa Sigma no longer exists at Davidson. The essentials of the story end there. The college is missing a house on fraternity row; Kappa Sigma's reputation has certainly been sullied; the good name of Davidson College—one of the State's finest—has suffered; the boys were dutifully slapped on the wrist, and the goose is still dead. What comes of all this? The only thing for sure is that the boys got exactly what they went to college for—to get education. But they sure learned it the hard way.