Candidates make last minute changes in Bladen County

Posted by Debra Worley - email

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - With the three-week filing period coming to an end, some candidates in Bladen County were fickle with their decisions.  At least one candidate withdrew from the County Wide Commissioner race and another chose a different path at the last minute.

Democrat Robert Jacobs Brooks decided to not let Incumbent William Brisson sit unopposed for a seat in the 22nd District of the House of Representatives, and Ilka McElveen wanted to give Incumbent Mike Cogdell a challenge for his seat in District 1 of the Board of Education.

Incumbent Sheriff Rodney Hester will have to be on top of his game.  The race for county sheriff has five contenders with only one position available.

Two people dropped out of the race for Countywide county commissioner - Kimberly Johnson and James Johnson.  Kenneth Register took his name out of the countywide seat and signed up to run for county commissioner in District 3.

Here is a finalized list of candidates for the May 4 Primary:

22ND  North Carolina House of Representatives

  • (Dem) Robert Jacob Brooks
  • (Dem)  William Brisson (I)   

County Commissioner - County Wide (Unexpired Term – Ending 2012)

  • (Dem) Albert C. Beatty
  • (Dem) Sue Elkins Hester
  • (Dem) Stanley Adolphus Richardson
  • (Dem)James G. (Jimmie) Smith
  • (Dem) Phyllis Swindell
  • (Rep) John Morris Britt, Jr.

County Commissioner - District 1

  • (Dem) Mark Gillespie
  • (Dem) W.D. Neill, Jr. (I)

County Commissioner - District 2

  • (Dem) Charles R. Peterson (I)
  • (Dem) Floyd T. Washington
  • (Dem) Dawson Singletary
  • (Rep) Horace Wyatt

County Commissioner - District 3

  • (Dem) Carol R. Bulter
  • (Dem) Russell Priest
  • (Dem) Kenneth M. Register
  • (Dem) Larry Smith (I)

Board of Education - District 1

  • (Dem) Mike Cogdell (I)
  • (Dem) Ilka Huntley McElveen

Board of Education - District 2

  • (Dem) Roger Carroll (I)

Board of Education - District 3

  • (Dem) Darrell Page
  • (Dem) Alan T. West

Board of Education - County-wide

  • (Dem) Kory Hair
  • (Dem) Kip Lancaster (I)
  • (Dem) Berry Lewis (I)
  • (Dem) Vinston M. Rozier (I)


  • (Dem) Hubert C. Kinlaw (I)


  • (Dem) Prentis Benston
  • (Dem) Eric L. Bryan
  • (Dem) K. Rodney Hester
  • (Dem) Charles "Moose" McKeel
  • (Dem) Michael "Bull" Shaw

Register of Deeds

  • (Dem) Charity C. Lewis (I)

Clerk of Superior Court

  • (Dem) Jacquelyne (Gigi) Creed-Enloe
  • (Dem) Niki S. Dennis (I)
  • (Dem) Pamela R. "Pam" Huff

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