Retired NHC Sheriff throws hat in the ring for County Commissioner

Sid Causey
Sid Causey

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Former New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey slid in to file for County Commissioner just before the deadline passed Friday at noon, making it one of the most competitive races in New Hanover County.

Causey retired from the sheriff's office in June 2009, after wearing a badge for nearly 40 years.  At the time of his retirement Causey said his tenure ended when he thought he was supposed to leave.

When Causey announced his intentions to retire, some people said it was a political move, but he said his only incentive was to take an early retirement which gave him 3 months of severance pay and better health insurance rates.

Friday, Causey said that move was done in the best of interests for him and the county financially.  The former sheriff made $142,000 a year.  His retirement during his term saved the county some money to bring in a cheaper replacement.

Ed McMahon was sworn in to replace Causey in July 2009.  He recently filed in hopes of keeping his position as New Hanover County Sheriff.

Causey's last-minute filing could raise voters' concerns about his commitment as a potential commissioner, but he says they shouldn't worry.

"I hope people trust me - I hope they do," said Causey.  "[I have] no special agendas, no special interest groups. I'm my own man, I make my own decisions, if I'm wrong, I'll admit it.  If I'm right, I'll go with it."

Causey said Friday he would not accept donations in this race.  He plans to pay for it himself.

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