Your turn regarding Donte Stallworth's return

By Gary McNair - bio|email

The debate included football and some viewers threw the penalty flag accusing me of unsportsmanlike conduct for comparing Donte Stallworth's case to that of Michael Vick.

Even though Stallworth was involved in the death of human, and Vick a few dogs, several people wrote in to say the difference wasn't the victims but rather premeditation and intent.

Rene wrote:

Michael Vick forced dogs to fight and kept them in horrible conditions. It was a deliberate act of animal cruelty.  I don't think Stallworth's case was a deliberate act. He didn't set out to kill the pedestrian.

Larry followed suit:

Mr. Stallworth has a drinking problem and needs medical help.  Mr. Vick was doing it for financial gain.  Otherwise, I suppose you would be willing to give a terrorist a second chance too.

And Grace, a self proclaimed animal lover, said this:

The biggest difference between an animal victim and a human victim is that the animals cannot speak for themselves, so some human has to do it for them.

And there could be a flag for piling on - with me at the bottom of the pile.

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