Robbers dressing as prostitutes

Wilmington police say criminals looking to rob people on the street are using a new and alarming strategy. Men and women are dressing as prostitutes. Luring in prospective clients and then robbing them at gunpoint. "We think a lot more of them are occurring, but the victims are too embarrassed to talk to us at this point." Crime analyst Barry Coburn says most of the victims are in the Downtown Wilmington area. Mainly secluded back alleys off Front Street.

Coburn believes as the days grow warmer, more people will be robbed. "When it's nice outside people are outside of their homes. And there's a lot more victims for the suspects to target."

Easy tips can help you from becoming a victim. Don't walk alone at night, and never leave a bar or club by yourself. Coburn says, if you are a victim don't be afraid to come forward. It's one of the only ways these criminals posing as prostitutes will ever be caught.

Reported By: Brandi Davis