Pender Co. Sheriff's race: Dirty politics or harassment?

Reported by Gavin Johnson – bio |email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - One candidate vying for Pender County Sheriff says he feels unsafe and has filed for a restraining order against one of his opponent's supporters.

"We have to set our alarm at night," said Adam Dillon, who is running for Sheriff.  "Have all the lights on. We've been warned by other deputies and citizens to look out for [Mark Sloan]."

Dillon says Mark Sloan, a captain with the Pender County Sheriff's Office, has been harassing him since he's filed for office.

"This election has nothing to do with Captain Mark Sloan," said Dillon.  "I want him to leave me and my family alone."

Dillon says Sloan has tried to solicit information about him from former deputies and has posted a picture of Dillon on his Facebook page.

"I found a picture he posted on the internet," said Dillon.  "When I called the sheriff's office to fill a complaint about it and I was transferred to him. He said he would have me arrested."

Sloan admitted to posting the picture of Dillon online, but had no comment on the candidate's other claims.

Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith released a statement regarding Dillon's request for a restraining order saying:

The charges are baseless and ridiculous.  I look forward to watching him explain this to a judge.

No action has been taken on the restraining order, but Dillon and Sloan will go to court Friday, Feb. 26 where a judge will make a ruling on the case.

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