Camp Lejeune war casualties

The Pentagon has released the names of nine Marines killed in combat in Iraq.

The nine were all based at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Flags have been lowered to half-staff at the base to honor the victims.

The latest two to be identified are Lance Corporal Brian Buesing, 20 years old, of Cedar Key, Florida; and Corporal Randal Rosacker, who was 21 and from San Diego, California.

Earlier, the Pentagon had released the names of seven others. These include:

Sergeant Michael Bitz, 31, of Ventura, California,

Lance Corporal David Fribley, 26, of Lee, Florida,

Corporal Jose Garibay, 21, of Orange, California,

Corporal Jorge Gonzalez, 20, of Los Angeles, California,

Staff Seargeant Phillip Jordan, 42, of Brazoria, Texas,

Lance Corporal Thomas Slocum, age unknown, of Adams, Colorado, and

Second Lieutenant Frederick Pokorney Junior, 31, of Nye, Nevada.

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