More people file in Pender County

Posted by Debra Worley - email

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - More and more politicians are filing in Pender County, vying for a seat in the upcoming primary elections in May.

So far, several candidates are running un-contended in their races, but there is still time for that to change.

Here is a list, as of Feb. 10, of those running:

US Senate

  • (Dem) Marcus W. Williams
  • (Lib) Michael Beitler

NC Senate District 8

  • (Dem) David Redwine

NC House District 16

  • Franklin (F.D.) Rivenbark

Commissioner District 2

  • (Dem) W.P. (Bill) Marshburn
  • (Rep) Waymoth N. Batts

Commissioner District 3

  • (Dem) Freddy L. Brown

Pender County Sheriff

  • Adam W. Dillon

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Brady)

  • Robert C. (Bob) Hunter

Court of Appeals Judge (Calabria)

  • Jane Gray

Court of Appeals Judge (Elmore)

  • Leto Copeley

Superior Court Judge District 5B

  • Allen Cobb

District Court Judge District 5 (Blackmore)

  • Jonathan Worth Washburn
  • Rebecca Weathers Blackmore

District Court Judge District 5 (Faison)

  • James Henry Faison III

School Board District 1

  • Tom Roper

School Board District 2

  • Kenneth I. Lanier, Jr.

School Board District 4

  • Katherine Herring

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