Several more candidates file in Bladen County

Posted by Debra Worley - email

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Some races in Bladen County are heating up, as more candidates file to run.

As of February 16, four Democrats are vying to become the county's next sheriff.  Two candidates will try to give Incumbent Niki Dennis a run for her money, all fighting for the Clerk of Superior Court seat.

A few politicians are running solo in their races, while county commissioners have their fair share of contenders.

Here is a complete list of primary candidates, thus far:

22ND  North Carolina House of Representatives

  • (Dem)  William Brisson (I)   

County Commissioner - County Wide (Unexpired Term – Ending 2012)

  • (Dem) Sue Elkins Hester
  • (Dem) Stanley Adolphus Richardson

County Commissioner - District 1

  • (Dem) W.D. Neill, Jr. (I)

County Commissioner - District 2

  • (Dem) Charles R. Peterson (I)
  • (Dem) Floyd T. Washington
  • (Rep) Horace Wyatt

County Commissioner - District 3

  • (Dem) Carol R. Bulter
  • (Dem) Russell Priest
  • (Dem) Larry Smith (I)

Board of Education - District 1

  • (Dem) Mike Cogdell (I)

Board of Education - District 2

  • (Dem) Roger Carroll (I)

Board of Education - District 3

  • (Dem) Darrell Page
  • (Dem) Alan T. West

Board of Education - County-wide

  • (Dem) Kip Lancaster (I)
  • (Dem) Berry Lewis (I)
  • (Dem) Vinston M. Rozier (I)


  • (Dem) Hubert C. Kinlaw (I)


  • (Dem) Prentis Benston
  • (Dem) Eric L. Bryan
  • (Dem) Charles "Moose" McKeel
  • (Dem) Michael "Bull" Shaw

Register of Deeds

  • (Dem) Charity C. Lewis (I)

Clerk of Superior Court

  • (Dem) Jacquelyne (Gigi) Creed-Enloe
  • (Dem) Niki S. Dennis (I)
  • (Dem) Pamela R. "Pam" Huff

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