Prisoners captured by Iraqi Soldiers

At least five prisoners -- apparently Americans captured during fighting in Iraq -- are being seen on
T-V.  The video -- which is being aired by the Arab satellite station Al-Jazeera -- also shows bodies in uniform that are identified as Americans.

Two of the five prisoners were bandaged. They include a woman with a bandaged leg. One man was lying on a mat. One of his arms was injured.  The prisoners appear terrified, as they answer questions from interviewers.

One man, who said he was from Kansas, answered all of his questions in a shaky voice. His eyes darted back and forth between an interviewer and another person who couldn't be seen on camera.
When asked why he came to Iraq, he replied, "I come to fix broke stuff." When he was pressed again by the interviewer, he said he only shoots when he's shot at. He said of the Iraqis, "They don't bother me, I don't bother them."

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says if Iraq is photographing prisoners, it's violating the Geneva Convention. And he suggested that American networks shouldn't be showing the tapes.
 The Pentagon says only that some soldiers are missing, and it has begun the process of notifying their families.