My Turn, Your Turn: Same sex couples and adoption

By Gary McNair - bio|email

On our WECT Facebook page we recently asked if same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. The North Carolina Supreme court will decide that issue in a few months when it formally hears the custody case between Julia Boseman and her former partner.

We got more responses on this topic than anything we've ever done so far on our Facebook page.

The vast majority of people shared Tracie's point of view:

There are so many kids out there that need LOVING homes. Their sexual preference should not play into it as long as they are good to the child.

Wendy wrote:

Well as a Christian woman, I think that is just wrong. What is this world coming to?

As you might expect, almost all who opposed sited the Bible, like Shelia who simply wrote:

Same sex marriage is a sin in GOD's eyes.

That led Tiffany to respond:

I have read my bible. It seems that Jesus really didn't think that strict adherence to old laws was a good reason to forgo love and caring to your fellow man.

That's "Your Turn" on same sex couples adoption.  I don't think we've heard the last on this issue.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Consider for a moment that it is in your power to grant an adoption of a baby by 2 homosexual males.  Now think forward a few years and tell me how you answer this question posed by a 7-year-old with tears in his/her eyes and a trembling lip: "Why didn't you give me a mommy?"  If you're going to play God, at least do it like He did: Man + Woman = Child.


Last week a woman wrote in ,about it being ok that same sex couples adopting children.. Well as a Christian woman ,I think that is just wrong.. God did not make Adam & Steve to have kids together ,God made Adam & Eve to marry & have children.. What is this world coming to? thank you for you time..

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