I bet on "Red" and lost

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Within the WECT newsroom there are alumni from all over the country. But a few rivalries are especially pronounced, like that of Frances Weller and myself.

Frances attend the "Blue" school. She went to the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Meanwhile, I attended the "Red" school (NC State) where I received my meteorology degree. It's been a friendly rivalry since our first conversation on the phone before I even started.

Well, we decided to make things a little interesting. With the big rivalry basketball game taking place Tuesday night, the bet was made. The loser would wear the other teams apparel on the air during the 11 O Clock show.

The game was a good one! Carolina was winning, then State was winning. The taunting was back and forth! But in the end, Carolina pulled away in the second half and won the game 77 to 63.

So, as I promised, I had to "man-up" and wear the dread "Blue" stuff on the air. Video of the horrible night is provided!

On a side note, the response was overwhelming. People really got a kick out of it. Several people wanted to buy the jacket. So, we had a better idea. Details are being worked out, but we will be selling the jacket and giving the money to the Haiti relief. I'll post more details on that when they are available.

If you'd like to see more of the picture and fun we had, please visit my facebook page below.
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