Good trolls live in Wilmington

Reported by Bob Townsend - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There is a small, brick house on Market Street in Wilmington that you've likely passed many times.  Inside the home is a world of magic, where tiny people, known as trolls, are born and live.

Menna Kuyskoski creates trolls by patterns and ideas handed down by her mother, who started making and selling them in her home country of Finland.

There are good trolls, believed to be good luck - and there are bad trolls.

There have been ugly, pretty, mean, strong, fat and skinny trolls. Some people may think they are cute, others may consider them ugly.

"Trolls are part of the Scandanivan folklore, and I guess they are sort of like fairies and things like that, which may or may not be true, we just make them," said Kuyskoski.  "All trolls used to be bad. Kids were told if you don't behave yourself, a troll will come and get you and take you away. So children were scared of trolls and all the children were good."

Even though you may not see a lot of them in stores around here, children are familiar with trolls. In their heyday, they were the second biggest selling doll of the sixties, right after Barbie.

Menna said she is trying to use the trolls to open the mind of a young child and spread good will.  She teaches children about them during story time at the troll store most every Saturday.

"Trolls in our world are good, all friendly an just want to bring a smile to people, and on a terrible day, when it is raining today, it may not rain tomorrow, and sun will shine and it will be better," said Menna.  "It's like a troll of positive thinking, you may say."

Story time is Saturday afternoon's at 2:00, and Menna is hoping that one day, a theme park of trolls will be built in Wilmington.

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