Local church invites community to pray for Haiti

Reported By Claire Hosmann - bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Life Point Church opened their doors to everyone in town Monday night, regardless of their religion. They wanted to make a difference in Haiti by using the power of prayer.

Pastor Jeff Kapusta began the "Pray for Haiti" vigil with some strong words. "Lord, I pray that your presence is being experienced in Haiti in a way that never has been before," said Kapusta.

His message captivated the worshippers. Men and woman of all faiths bowed their heads with the same thoughts.

"If you ever wonder where Jesus is," said Kapusta, "look for the messy, look for the hurting, Jesus is in the middle of them."

Thousands of miles from the earthquake site, leaders of the Life Point church organized this vigil to help the hurting in Haiti.

Creative Arts Pastor Brad Barbour is taking responsibility in this crisis, something he says every believer needs to do."As followers of Jesus its our job to step up and do something about it, whether we pray, or donate medical supplies, doing whatever we can," said Barbour.

Monday night, that meant standing up and singing out; praying for the missing, the dead, and the injured. And the bigger the crowd, the more powerful the prayers.

Parishioner Tiffany Poston said when everyone comes together it makes it more meaningful.  "There's just something about coming together and worshipping and praying as the body of Christ," said Poston.

Although the group is praying for the lives changed in Haiti, it may also have a comforting message for people here.

"Anytime you begin to focus on other people," said Barbour, " you realize how good you have it."

Life Point church is a designated drop off point for medical supplies. The church is asking everybody to purchase items and bring them by until January 24th.

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