Wilmington police investigate string of robberies

Reported by Scott Saxton email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington police are investigating two armed robberies, a common law robbery and an attempted carjacking in the city over the weekend.

The first incident happened around 9:30 Saturday night in the Lowe's Foods parking lot on 341 South College Road.  A 20-year-old man said he just put his groceries in his car, when a robber pulled a gun on him and demanded money.  The victim gave up his cell phone and wallet.  The robber took off toward New Centre Drive and the victim drove away to call 911.

The second incident happened early Sunday morning at the corner of South Fifth and Ann Streets.  A man and two women say they were walking when another man and woman approached them with a gun.  The male robber took the other man's wallet, while the women did not have anything of value for the robbers.

On Sunday night, a pizza delivery driver reported that three people approached him when he went to make a delivery in the 600 block of Bladen Street.  One man took the money out of the driver's wallet, while another took his cell phone.  The robbers took off, while the victim drove back to his workplace to call 911.

Early Monday morning, a woman says she was sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle when a man approached her car to ask for a cigarette at the corner of south Third and Dock Streets.  He unlocked the car door as she rolled down the window.  The man hit the victim on the head while he tried to get control of the vehicle.  After a struggle, the victim says the man ran away.

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