Titan releases study on property value

Stop Titan group at an October rally
Stop Titan group at an October rally

Posted by Doug Wahl - email

WILMINGTON, NC - Titan America has released a study of property values within a five-mile radius of its Roanoke Cement Plant.

The Study was commissioned in the spring of 2009 as a means to ease fears of Castle Hayne residents. The analysis, conducted by Samuel Long of Miller Long & Associates, concluded that the plant's presence in the community has had no negative effect on property values. Long concluded that "There is no evidence to suggest that the existence of the cement plant has had a negative affect on property values. Roanoke Cement Company has made a conscious effort to protect residential uses from the heavy industrial uses of the plant." Due to the location of the plant, very little, if any of the facility can be seen from residential areas.

Titan America is proposing to build on the site of the Ideal Cement plant in Castle Hayne. The company claims the plant would create 161 permanent, full-time jobs, and 1,000 construction jobs during its two-year building phase. A number of environmental groups have spoken out against the proposed plant .

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