Upper respiratory illnesses prevalent in the Wilmington area

By Kim Ratcliff - bio | email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Doctors at Oak Island Pediatrics are seeing many upper respiratory illnesses that are viral in nature.

Symptoms include a cough, congestion, sometimes fever and wheezing. Doctors recommend using a saline mist for nasal congestion, or a bulb for infants. If your child has a fever use Tylenol or ibuprofen.

If your child is wheezing, has a cough for more than ten days or is having a hard time sleeping you should see a doctor.

There have been no new cases of flu since November.

Doctors at Cape Fear Pediatrics in Wilmington ay they are seeing lots of cough and runny noses which is routine this time of year. If your child has these symptoms doctor's recommend you watch them closely.

If your child has a high fever for more than three days or has a runny or stuffy nose for more than ten days you should take them to see a doctor.

The seasonal and H1N1 flu have dropped off but doctors are reminding parents to have their children vaccinated because you never know when it will come back.

Remember the seasonal flu normally peaks next month.

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