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Memorial held for officer killed in line of duty in 2005

Officer Mitch Prince Officer Mitch Prince
Darrell Maness Darrell Maness
Annette Tidwall, Maness' mother Annette Tidwall, Maness' mother

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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WECT) - Members of the Boiling Spring Lakes community remembered an officer killed in the line of duty five years ago in Brunswick County.

Fellow officers, friends, and family held a memorial service in front of the Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department for fallen officer Mitch Prince.

"There was a lot of fellowship today," said Mary Stilwell.  "A lot of remembering Mitch, and a lot of tears. We also rejoice in the fact that we all knew him."

Prince was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Highway 87.  He died at the age of 36.

"You want that family to know that yeah, we're there for you, we're there for that officer, because he would've been doing the same thing for us," said Chief Emmette Ballree.

Darrell Maness was convicted of first degree murder in the death of Officer Prince in March 2006.  The jury found Maness guilty on 8 of 11 counts and was given the death penalty

During the trial, Maness' mother said her son's trouble childhood background was to blame for his behavior.

Psychiatrist Dr. Moira Artigues agreed, saying Maness was in a poor mental state when he shot Prince.  Maness' father is serving a life sentence, also for shooting a police officer, a factor Artigues says has haunted Maness his whole life. 

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