Saint Mary School celebrates 140 years

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Saint Mary School celebrated it's 140th anniversary on Friday.

Parish members and St. Mary students attended the weekly Friday mass at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church just across the road from the school. In attendance was the Bishop Michael Burbidge, Diocese of Raleigh.

Every Friday, the mass at St. Mary is centered around students, who greet parishioners, read the lessons, and perform musical numbers.  At Friday's mass, students gave special dance and vocal performances. There was also a piece featuring stringed instruments that ended in a round of applause from the parish.

Saint Mary is the oldest Catholic school in North Carolina. The school has grown over the years to include the church, the rectory, a convent, the Lower School building, the Tileston Building, gymnasium, and grounds, all on the equivalent of a city block.

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