Munley to undergo knee replacement surgery today

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Reported by Scott Saxton email

HOUSTON, TX (WECT) - Carolina Beach native Kim Munley, who is one of those being credited with helping end a series of shootings at Ft. Hood late last year, is scheduled to undergo knee replacement surgery in a hospital in Houston Thursday.

Munley grew up in the Wilmington area and at one time was a police officer for Wrightsville Beach.

She and another officer helped stop Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed thirteen people and wounded countless others during a shooting spree at the military base in November.

Munley sustained several injuries and has been in rehabilitation since the encounter.  The knee replacement surgery Thursday is expected to be a large step in her recovery process.

On her Twitter account Thursday, Munley wrote, "Today is the first day to the rest of my new life! Thank goodness it's arrived! Thanks to everyone for such amazing support. I love you all!"

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