Thom Goolsby, Michael Lee in race for state senate seat

Thom Goolsby
Thom Goolsby
Michael Lee
Michael Lee

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT ) - Some early numbers are in from a recent political poll showing state senate candidate Thom Goolsby has a lead over fellow republican, Michael Lee.

Both men want to replace Julia Boseman who decided not to run for re-election representing New Hanover County in Raleigh.

Lee announced his candidacy just before the New Year and gave his first interview since that announcement on Tuesday.

Lee has run this race before. He says he is running on many of the same issues, but so is attorney Thom Goolsby.

Goolsby says he wants to stay ahead of the competition in the race for state senate.

He announced his candidacy back in July of 2009 and a recent poll paid for by his campaign, shows so far, his plan is working.

"That's good and we're going to keep that momentum up," said Goolsby. "That, of course, means we have momentum early in the race and we are not slowing down or slacking off. We are pushing forward with all haste and speed."

According to the poll, Goolsby is currently leading 2 to 1 in the fight to win the republican primary.

His opponent is fellow attorney, Michael Lee, who ran for the seat in 2008 and lost a close race to senator Julia Boseman.

"I've got a huge amount of support built-in because I ran last time and those folks are going to support me again this time," said Lee.

Lee says his platform this time around will be similar -- cut taxes, create more jobs, and eliminate government waste.

Goolsby's main issues are similar.

"We need folks to be able to get out and work," said Goolsby.  "We don't need the government raising our taxes $1.1 billion in the middle of a recession. That is suicide for the business sector."

Goolsby believes he is ahead because the people of New Hanover County know what he stands for, but Lee says that poll was taken right after he announced his decision to run and believes those numbers will change.

"I think the poll actually looks good for my candidacy and I think you'll see as time goes on, as we get the issues out there and we talk about them, that my numbers will surpass his when we get to the poll that really matters and that's the one that we take on election day," said Lee.

Right now, it's a fight for the primary, as neither Goolsby nor Lee know who they could face on the democratic side in November.

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