New water treatment plant bringing jobs to Pender County

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Claire Hosmann - bio |email

PENDER COUNTY, (WECT) – The construction of a new water treatment plant in Pender County may bring hundreds of new jobs to the area.

Pender County officials say the fact that the county has to depend on other towns to provide water hinders growth when it comes to new businesses developing in the county, but some say a new water plant will help solve that  problem.

"We transfer water from Wallace to Hampstead everyday," said Commissioner Jimmy Tate. "That can get very expensive."

At the end of this month, County Commissioners will receive $22 million from federal loan funding and $7 million in grant funding to build the plant.

Tate says towns outside of Burgaw will benefit the most from the plant.

"We did a study in our area and determined that our well supply in Willard and Wallace are drying and limited in what we can do," said Tate.

There are hopes that the new plant will create new opportunities for an area many believe has been ignored for years.

"We have the room to grow," said Tate.  "We have the land, we are not limited like many other areas surrounding us. We have the land and room."

Congressman McIntyre will be in Pender County on January 29 to present the check.

The plant is expect to be completed sometime in 2012.

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