New trend shows support on Facebook

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Women are revealing their bra colors on Facebook as a way to promote breast cancer awareness.

A message is floating around the networking site urging women to join the trend.

A variation of the message reads:

We probably all have a personal experience with breast cancer, either you have/have had it, or someone close to you does/has had it. As an example of the proliferation of this disease, post in your status the color of the bra you're wearing - just the color, nothing else, and forward this on to all the WOMEN in your Friends list, none of the men. As you see the colors pop up, let it remind you that the frequency represents how widespread breast cancer is and urge anyone you know who is at risk to get tested, but also have a little giggle, knowing all the men who see it will wonder what's going on!

No one seems to know who started the initiative, but some users say they will continue posting the colors until the trend stops.

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