CFCC hosts 3-day firefighting training

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Cape Fear Community College is holding a three-day training school for firefighters this weekend.

Over 600 volunteer and professional firefighters and other emergency personnel are expected to participate in a wide range of training activities.

Training activities include classroom instruction, along with hands-on activities in survival training, arson fire detection, and emergency driving.

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The course will be held from Jan. 8-10 at the CFCC Safety Training Center.

The training center's opening was delayed several because two buildings were stained with a white salty substance known as efflorescence.

The salt on the bricks was not a safety hazard, just something that had to be fixed before firefighters and police officers could train there.

The site includes two live burn buildings to simulate actual fire conditions, a 7-story tower, a vehicle extrication area, a tear gas building, and an area to train with law enforcement vehicles.

Charles Green is one of nearly 800 firefighters- in- training at cape fear community college.

"You never stop training to be a firefighter," says Green.

This weekend's seminar brings in firefighters from all over the state. They are "learning the ropes" to save lives.

"These are the basic fundamental principles of the job functions, but they have to be able to do these before they can actually begin doing live fire evolutions," says Cliff Robinson, the Deputy Chief in New Hanover County.

Aside from the training, a firefighter needs to learn how to be part of the team. Robinson says you need all the help you can get when the job gets tough.

"It's hard when we have to go to someone's home that's on fire and see the damage and destruction, but that's what we are there to do -- to intervene and try to make a difference," says Robinson.

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