My Turn, Your Turn: Talk of the town

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Two local topics have been the talk of the town these last few days and you've let us know how you feel about both of them.  Here's a sampling.

Dick wrote about the ABC board saga:

Just what does the salary for the ABC Board need to be? Someone, somewhere, had to be writing a paycheck. Shouldn't county officials have been aware of what they were being paid?  Maybe they should resign too?

The smoking ban is the other hot topic. Chester says it's unfair:

What about the rights of the smoker. I have already been hit with tax increases on every pack. We get pushed out into the elements just to enjoy a cigarette.  Now the state has taken away my rights to smoke in a dry warm place like a bar. I understand that smoking is not a healthy thing to do, but does smoking in the cold rain make it better?

Well that's Dick and Chester's turn on this week's hot topics.  They raise a few questions for those who'd like to reflect a little more on these hot issues.

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