Brunswick Co. superintendent survey results are in

Katie McGee
Katie McGee

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Results for a survey administered by the Brunswick County School Board will be announced Tuesday afternoon.

In October 2009, the school board voted not to renew Superintendent Katie McGee's contract when it expires in June 2010.

They conducted an online survey to find out what kind of person parents and teachers think should run the school system.

Survey-takers were asked to rate the importance of various traits like communication skills, innovation, leadership, business savvy, and classroom experience.

These are some of the top things people in the community are looking for in a new superintendent:

  • the ability to provide a safe environment for students
  • get staff, students, parents, and the community to work together
  • ideas to improve the graduation rate and prevent dropouts
  • strong people skills
  • ability to communicate well with all people

The results of the staff members' surveys were similar.

They also want school officials, students, and the community to work together; someone with strong people skills; and a safe school environment.

The staff also wants a superintendent who supports firm discipline and can advocate for school resources.

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