Convenience store owner stops customers from paying with fake cash

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A convenience store owner stopped two people from paying with counterfeit cash at the Wrightsville Country Store on Wrightsville Avenue.

According to Musa Agil, customers tried to pay with fake $100 bills on two separate occasions.

He said he was able to tell they were fake when he couldn't find a bar code on the bills.  The customers ran out of the store when Agil told them the cash was fake.

"You know it makes you feel very angry, somebody trying to rob you of a $100," said Agil.  "Money is hard to come by right now. You just feel cheated."

Agil says the law requires him to contact the secret service and let them know about the counterfeit cash.

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