New election date set in Fair Bluff

Reported by Scott Saxton email

FAIR BLUFF, NC (WECT) - While candidates for office in 2010 will be busy filing to run for various political positions, voters in the town of Fair Bluff will still be deciding the winner of the November 2009 mayor's race.

According to town officials, the NC Board of Elections has set a February 23rd re-vote for the office of mayor.

Incumbent Mayor Randy Britt lost to Chris Scott by two votes in November.  However, Britt challenged the outcome by pointing out that some people voted in the election and don't live in the town.

The North Carolina Board of Elections agreed with Britt's claim and ordered the re-vote.  None of the people who voted are expected to be charged in this incident.

The town of Fair Bluff will absorb the costs of a new election.

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