About Us

Evergreen Behavioral Management, Inc. (EBM) is a comprehensive mental health service provider with several offices in Southeastern North Carolina.  We provide a full range of mental health services; including psychiatric services, outpatient mental health/substance abuse services, and enhanced community services.

EBM's programs are based on a teamwork and medical model.  Many of our patients receive services from more than one program and in most cases a medical professional is involved.  The medical professionals include psychiatrists, physician assistants, family nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.  EBM provides psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and psychiatric consultations.

Our outpatient mental health and substance abuse program is staffed by masters and doctoral level licensed professionals who are trained to provide services in their areas of expertise.  The services include individual, group and marriage/family therapy for children through geriatric-aged patients, covering most problems that patients want to resolve. Psychological evaluation and testing for a wide range of problems is also provided.

EBM is the only private mental health organization in Southeastern North Carolina that provides Mobile Crisis Intervention services.  Individuals or families who are in crisis can call a toll free number and expect to get a quick response from mental health professionals who will come to where the crisis is occurring and assist in resolving the crisis.  It involves all support, services and treatments necessary to provide integrated crisis response, crisis stabilization interventions, and crisis prevention activities.  It is a 24/7/365 program.

Enhanced services are mostly designed to assist people in the community instead of in the office.  Community Support Team services focuses on assisting individuals with significant mental disorders who require a more intense level of intervention.  The programs aim to provide to provide supports necessary to assist adults to achieve rehabilitative and recovery goals.

EBM has recently started providing Day Treatment Programs for children and adolescents.  It is a structured treatment service program that builds on individual's strengths, addresses identified functional problems, and to support symptom reduction and/or sustain symptom stability at lowest possible levels.  Another vital goal is to help the participants improve their ability to cope and relate to other in an inclusive setting and to practice those skills at places like school and at home.

Our multidisciplinary teams of licensed and certified professionals, with the participation of the patient, develop individualized plans of care that fit the special needs of each patient.  Physician participation is involved in both service planning and service delivery

EBM is committed to helping individuals and families affected by normal life problems, mental disorders, developmental disabilities and substance abuse achieve their full potential to live, work and grow in their community and create a higher quality of life.  We pride ourselves on providing honest, courteous and informed responses to our patients, while at the same time adhering to our professional code of ethics, values standards of living.

Let us help you reach your goals and help redefine your life.